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The DIVI Syrup Everything Pack





Every day nature gives us a different quality of syrup during the production season.  Typically this goes from a ‘simple sugar’ taste at the start of the year (light syrup) and proceeds through vanilla and butterscotch tones through to the ‘late season’ syrup that comes as we shut down.

Beaver Valley Maple has become known as the ‘Champagne’ of maple syrups due to our location (similar to the Champagne region in France) but also a commitment to not blending syrups and letting Mother Nature be our guide.

Join us on a syrup tasting adventure with all the flavours of the 2021 season.

Shipped near the end of April, this package includes flavours from across the year, as well as our specialty syrups. A live guided tasting and Q&A with BVM producers and founders is also included (optional) on Thursday, May 13th at 6 p.m.


Each syrup is 250 mL.


Taste the season:

  • An amber syrup from lots 1 or 2
  • An early season first hint of maple syrup from lots 3-5
  • A syrup showing vanilla tones (mid-season)
  • A syrup showing butterscotch tones (late season)
  • A late season syrup (available ONLY through this pack – this is here as an example of a ‘buddy’ syrup and we auction off these barrels to other producers who then blend them into their syrups to create a greater quantity with less quality)
  • An invitation to our live Zoom tasting session.


Add some premium syrups:

  • Founder’s Select – the top 1-2% of our crop, as decided by our tasting crew.
  • Bourbon Barrel Aged
  • Vanilla Bean Infused


A special DIVI syrup bonus:

  • Our newest two flavours – so new that they’re undergoing organic certification and we cannot announce them – but they are INCREDIBLE!
  • A jar of our highly popular maple butter.


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