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Organic Maple Syrup


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Organic Maple Syrup

There are three things that set Beaver Valley Maple syrup apart from other maple syrups – thus making it the syrup of choice for consumers around the world:

  1. Our trees are situated on the Niagara Escarpment growing in limestone rich soils, and sometimes, on the edges of Escarpment rock.  Other producers spread lime in their woods… we simply have the best conditions for producing maple syrup naturally.
  2. A commitment to freshness.  During the season we process (boil) our product within hours of it arriving in our tanks, despite the fact that our tanks are spread over a 30 km radius.  This commitment means that we get as close to the product that nature intended as possible.
  3. A commitment to quality.  Other producers in the industry blend their syrups.  Nature naturally gives us ‘great syrups’ and ‘not so great syrups’.  Syrups that don’t meet our standards are auctioned off to other producers – they bottle it as their own after blending it with other poor quality syrups.  It’s like ‘make your own wine’ kitting… those wines can never compete because wineries keep the best grape juice to themselves.  We keep our best syrup and reserve it for you!

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